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Manual Wheelchairs

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Viamobil Push and Brake Aid

Viamobil Push and Brake Aid


Meyra Eurochair2 (2.750)

Meyra Eurochair2 (2.750) is a light-weight manual wheelchair which passes ISO-Crash Test (ISO 7176-19) and manufactured under European standards. It comes with a comprehensive package which provides the best experience to the user.


Features and Benefits :


  • Swing-away and foldable side guard with height-adjustable armrest (Patent Pending)

  • Leg rests removable, swing-away. Footrests angle-adjustable, including individual lower-leg strap

  • Double-cross base for better supporting


For further information, please visit the below website:


<Meyra - Eurochair2>



alber Twion®

alber Twion® is specially designed to be an electric drive for active wheelchairs. The twion is the fastest and lightest push-rim drive in a modern design featuring smartphone connectivity. 


The active drive offers new freedom for wheelchair drivers. The compact and silent wheel hub drives with built-in lithium ion batteries ensure greater propulsion force on push-rim wheels.

Moreover, the twion drive wheels are suitable for almost all common active wheelchairs. This is made possible by the small, lightweight bracket that is simply fitted to the wheelchair. With the convenient quick-release system, both the manual wheels and twion drive wheels can be used, meaning that the required drive type, manual or with E Power, is available at all times.


Features and Benefits :


  • Powerful propulsion assistance up to a speed of 6 km/h (optionally up to 10 km/h*)

  • Easy to transport and load since each drive wheel weighs a mere 6 kg

  • Highly efficient digital electronic direct drive featuring energy recovery to achieve a greater range


... and much more!


For furhter information, please visit the below website:


<alber - Twion®>

alber e-motion®

alber e-motion® is a unique electric power-assist drive that add-on to a standard wheelchair. With e-motion®, users have a chance to stay mobile while exercising their vital functions. The load on the muscles and joints is relieved. Only minimal force is required to drive the chair alone and the driver’s radius of action is increased. e-motion makes an important contribution to its owner’s independence.


Features and Benefits :


  • Electrical wheel hub supports propelling movement while pushing and braking is realised as usual with push rims

  • Easier to go far or go on the slope

  • Keeping muscle and joints active

  • "Rollback delay" features for easier on-slope movement


... and much more!


For further information, please visit the below website:


<alber - e-motion®>

Twion® v.s. e-motion®

Both Twion® and e-motion® are power-assist wheelchairs, so how to choose the most suitable model for yourself? Here are a few tips that hope to assist you:


1. Twion® is more for active wheelchairs and e-motion® is more for standard wheelchairs


2. Maximum weight of occupant of e-motion® is 130kg and Twion® is 120kg


3. The left/right balance of e-motion® is adjustable for the unequal arm-strength user while Twion® require user to have good upper body stability and good arm strength coordination


For further information, please go to the link below:


<Twion® v.s. e-motion®>


Alternatively, please contact us and book a time in our showroom to try on the actual product! Our product manager could choose the best suitable model for you!



alber e-fix®

Alber e-fix® is an innovative power add-on electric drive that upgrades a standard wheelchair into a power wheelchair. Unlike other power wheelchairs which are bulky and heavy, e-fix® is lightweight and can be easily detachable in order to fit inside the back of the car.


Features and Benefits :


  • Lightweight and portable, easily dismantlable for transport by car

  • Drive up to 16km with a single battery charge

  • Speed can be varied continuously from 0.6 to 6 km/h


For further information, please visit the below website:


<alber- e-fix®>



Viamobil - Push and Brake Aid

alber Viamobil

viamobil makes easy work of pushing but also braking a wheelchair. The huge effort involved in uphill and downward slopes and ramps is now a thing of the past. Enjoy greater independence day in, day out – whenever and most important wherever you want.



Features and Benefits :


  • Climbing Uphill & Braking Downhill (Overcomes inclines up to 18%)


  • Travel up to 20 km with single battery charge

  • Speed can be varied continuously from 1 to 5.5 km/h


  • Use your Own Wheelchair


For further information, please visit the below website:



<alber- viamobil>




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