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Janley Limited was established in June 1992 and has been successfully introduced a wide range of innovative and advanced medical products into Hong Kong.

We aim at improving the quality of medical services and service efficiency, as well as alleviating workload in the busy working environment. With the help of various Hi-Tech medical devices, such as MULTICARE and Clinicare 100HF (manufactured by LINET, a world-leading medical bed company), we have successfully impressed hundreds of clients, especially those work in ICU and acute care units. 

Reducing the carers' heavy load of work is another goal along the path we have come today. We provide different categories of manual handling devices to aid patient transfer and mobilisation. Among the devices, ROPOX patient hoist is renowned for its robustness and reliability, which has been introduced to the market more than 20 years ago!  We are also dedicated to raising the workers’ awareness of Occupational Safety and Health by offering OSH training programs to health carer training centres and institutes. 

Home care and rehabilitation have been rising popularity these days. We also offer a wide range of high standard home care beds, for instance, Sentida series (manufactured by Wissner-Bosserhoff) which meet medical demands while perfectly integrate to the cozy home environment. MOTOmed movement therapy devices help clients to actively engage in everyday exercise regardless of levels of disability. 

Janley Limited is devoted to promoting social healthiness and happiness by offering comprehensive and advanced medical equipment, as well as excellent sales services.


If you are searching for high-quality products, why not pick up your phone now and contact our sales team for a consultation?

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