Janley Limited was established in June 1992 and has been successfully introduced many innovative and advance medical products into Hong Kong.

Our Products

One of the major products are hospital beds. With our good business partner LINET, Janley are able to provide "Save & Safe" beds. All our beds are focus to be "saving money", "saving time" and "safe to use". 


Janley is a strong player in providing pressure reduction mattress. This helps the prevention of pressure sores and thus saving our clients huge amount of money in treatment of pressure sores. The most important is providing healthy and comfortable sleeping surface for those who need them. Nowadays, Propad and Softform Premier mattress becomes one of the most popular pressure relief devices.


Promoting Occupational Safety and Health is one of our missions. The introduction of RoMedic EasyTransfer System and patient hoist are another breakthrough in helping the healthcare staff to transfer patients in a proper and easy way to avoid possible back injury.  


Contact Us

There are many products in Janley's product range. If you require further details or looking for specific product, please feel free to contact us.  (inquiry@janley.com.hk)


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