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Transatlantic Sliverboard

Transaroll Silverboard plays an important part in many areas of healthcare. They are being used wherever dependent people need to be transferred and moved a lot, for example in clinics, radiology or nursing homes.

  • Radiolucent

  • 180 x 50 cm (+/- 3%), foldable

  • Max endurance 350 kg

  • Ideal for obese patients

  • The only board able to lift a patient

  • No corners, ridges, gaps or hinges

  • No screws, magnetic pieces or plastic parts

  • No trailing edges (highest hygienic safety)

  • Antibacterial coating (of the Silver Cover)

  • Can be cleaned with all common disinfectants

For further information, please go to the below link:


<Transatlantic - Silverboard>


Transatlantic Hygieneboard Set

Transfer aids combined in a set. The core is Transaroll Silverboard. Our Disposable Gliding Cover is gentle to the skin, tear-proof, latex-free, biocompatible and food-safe. The usage of the Disposable Gliding Cover supports an easy, hygienic and safe patient transfer for the user. In combination with our handy Organizer, which can be mounted on the wall or door, all products necessary for the quick and hygienic transfer are always stored together.

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<Transatlantic - Hygieneboard Set>




RollerSlide is used for supine transfers of inert users between beds and an x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys, ambulance stretchers or similar. RollerSlide is a padded sliding board with a sliding cover made from ULF.

Replaceable sliding cover and disposable covers for maximum hygiene

  • RollerSlide bridges gaps of up to 20 cm/7.87” and evens out any height differences.

  • The sliding cover made from ULF, Handicare’s own unique sliding material, rotates around the board and provides a smooth and easy transfer.

  • Foldable and with handles at the short ends for easy handling,  transportation and storage.

For further information, please go to the below link:

<Handicare - RollerSlide>




The sliding board EasyGlide helps transfer sitting users to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions. It is especially suitable for levelling out height differences and for bridging short distances.

  • Two models and different sizes are available.

  • Rounded corners and a smooth, low-friction top surface

  • Anti-slip protection on the underside provides for safety and security.

  • Very easy to use, quick-guide on the underside.

For further information, please go to the below link:

<Handicare - EasyGlide>



EasyGlide, Extra Long

EasyGlide, extra long is a sliding board which is used for supine transfers of users from one bed or stretcher to another.

  • EasyGlide, extra-long is used when the gap is max. 15 cm/5.9”.

  • The rounded corners and the smooth

  • low-friction top surface provides for easy sliding transfers and makes the sliding board very easy to position and remove.

  • The double anti-slip tape on the underside prevents the board from sliding against the underlying surface during transfer.

For further information, please go to the below link:

<Handicare - EasyGlide, Extra Long>



Belt for Support

Flexibelt & Flexibelt, Hug

FlexiBelt is used as support for sit-to-stand transfers and for sitting transfers from the wheelchair to the bed, toilet or car. FlexiBelt can also be used as support when the user is standing and walking. The belt, which is placed around the user’s waist or hips, has multiple, sturdy handles, both vertically and horizontally, providing the caregiver with a firm grip in various situations. 

For further information, please go to the below link:

<Handicare - Flexibelt>


Flexibelt, Hug

FlexiBelt, hug is a new version of Handicare’s classic SystemRoMedic™ FlexiBelt. FlexiBelt, hug features a new, patented design with horizontal handles that slide freely in loops to make the belt “hug” on to the user instead of sliding up during transfer situations. With FlexiBelt, hug, the caregivers can provide even more support without using more effort. The new design actually does all the work by itself.

For further information, please go to the below link:

<Handicare - Flexibelt, Hug>



FlexiMove, Mini

FlexiMove has multiple areas of application. For example as support when helping someone get up from a bed or chair, when moving higher up in bed or when transferring to and from a wheelchair – in that case, often on a sliding board.

  • Available with two different surface materials; soiling resistant and moisture-repellent nylon or soft and comfortable polyester velvet.

  • Both versions provide an anti-slip function to prevent the device from sliding against the body.

  • Both short and long handles enable more gripping options.

For further information, please go to the below link:

<Handicare - FlexiMove, Mini>



Lifting Aids


FlexiMove is primarily designed for moving higher up in bed, turning and sideways transfers. In these situations, pulling is easier than lifting as the underside is smooth and slides very well in the bed.

  • Strong, smooth and comfortable handles.

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to clean

For further information, please go to the below link:

<Handicare - FlexiMove>




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